Epilogue: A Call to Action

Thanks to the Abundance Economy we will finally be able to solve some of the most serious challenges and crises we face, and prevent society's slide toward dystopia. We will have a powerful coordination mechanism to maximize impact on society in using both scarce and abundant resources. We will also have a system where individual and public interests are aligned, and where there is always an incentive to coordinate the use of resources instead of fighting over them. This is a system that will put society on a path to ever greater material abundance and universal empowerment and self-fulfillment.

While this vision for a better future is certainly desirable, it is not inevitable. None of it can happen on its own. At the same time it cannot happen soon enough, given the crises we face. It will take effort and determination from all those who believe in the abundance vision. And so, if you too believe in the abundance vision, and want to see a fantastically more peaceful and prosperous world, there are several things you can do.

It starts with contributing to the intellectual and theoretical framework of the Abundance Paradigm. The framework is certainly robust already, but it’s important to identify any flaws in it, and come up with even better solutions than the ones already offered. By building a solid theoretical foundation to the Abundance Paradigm we can ensure that the system will be effective and have broad public trust.

We then need to help further research and develop mechanisms and models to improve the Abundance Protocol. While the system is already well thought out, the protocol is still in its infancy, making it a fertile area to make an impact. No less important is building and refining the protocol itself. There will certainly be multiple iterations and tests in developing a battle-tested protocol that is capable of generating a working abundance economy.

While developing the protocol is of paramount importance, the success of the abundance economy depends on people knowing about and understanding how the paradigm works, and eventually actively participating in it. To that end you can contribute simply by widely sharing this book. Beyond that you can educate those around you β€” in person or on social media β€” on how the Abundance Paradigm works and on its incredible benefits.

Finally, until the feedback loops of the abundance economy are set in motion, some of the work to develop the protocol comes with a significant investment of time and labor. To that end, please consider contributing to the protocol financially.

The efforts around the Abundance Protocol will be concentrated here: https://abundance.id/.

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